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This was held on 14th March, 2015. The School Clubs had prepared a whole lot of interesting, entertaining and educational items to present to the Guest of Honour as well as their parents. The students who had performed well in their end year exams the previous year were also awarded medals and certificates.

Our young Nursery totos also presented a few items and it was highly appreciated by all the parents who were cheering loudly for them all through.

It was a very successful event. 


This event was held on 31st October 2015 at the Koblenz Hall. The Nursery Section presented bery many items, for instance, a Cultural Fashion Show, a Shairi on Child Labour, an English Dance, and many more. 

This event was held to pave the way for our Transit students into the Primary Section. The Std, 1 teacher, Mrs. Florence and the Primary Section Headmaster, Mr. Alal, welcomed the Transit Students into the Primary Section.

All the parents who attended really enjoyed the function and all the kids were given a small token of appreciation by the school. 

The students were also awarded for their performance in the 2nd term examinations.


The school had held a Sports Day for the first time on Saturday, 17th July, 2010. It was a day where all the children of the school got together for a day of fun and their parents turned up to cheer them in the races. The children received tokens and medals for their hard work.

It was a thoroughly enjoyed day for both parents and children and very well-appreciated by everyone. This was a day put together by all the staff of the school and many thanks go to them because without their dedication to make this day a success, the Sports Day would not have gone as smoothly as it did.

Letter from the Municipal Council of Mombasa appreciating the Sports Event held


The Headmistress receiving a certificate for best performance in English from the Mayor

Staff Members


Staff Members of Fort Jesus Academy …

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School Trips

School Trips

The school had planned a Wild Waters Trip for all the students on 19th November, 2015. Let us see how much the children enjoyed

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