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The school offers Computer Classes as from KG through to Std. 8. The Computer teacher, Miss Valentine, equips the children with the basic computer skills which would help them as they progress in their high school studies and even beyond. Children learn how to use Microsoft Office as well as the other programs installed in the computers. They are also allowed to play games on the computers once a week in order to help them relax their minds and just enjoy their computer lessons.

We also have a well-equipped library where all children have access to good reading material, storybooks as well as other learning material like encyclopaedias. Every child borrows one book every week and is required to read it well and try and remember the story, since the librarian, Mrs Miriam, usually asks them to narrate the story during the next library lesson. This helps the kids improve their memory as well as improve their reading skills.

Co-curricular activities in the form of Swimming sessions and PE sessions are also provided. The students go for swimming every Wednesday at the Coast Gymkhana whereby the Nursery section are usually in a paddling pool and the Primary kids are divided among the shallow and deep ends of the bigger pool depending on their swimming skills. We have a coach present in the pool who teaches the children how to swim and improves their swimming skills. We also have 2 teachers who are in the pool to take care of the children. Madam Maimoona, the Nursery Section Headmistress, is also present there to supervise all the children. Children are also accompanied by their class teachers who watch over them while they swim to avoid any accidents.

PE Sessions are held every Friday at the Burhani Sports Club. The children are driven to and from the Club accompanied by their respective teachers. The teachers supervise them as well as come up with games to keep the children occupied. All children should wear the School Tshirt and sports shoes during the PE session.

The school also provides a Lunch facility for students who stay in school over lunch hours. We cook a variety of meals every day to ensure children are well-fed and have a balanced meal. 

Madressa sessions are also available at school for those who are interested. The Madressa classes are integrated in the school timetable so children do not stay over at school for any extra time. We have a trained Maalim who teaches the students according to the Madressa syllabus and also helps in guiding them in the Islamic way.
Children enjoying their swimming session in the pool.

Staff Members


Staff Members of Fort Jesus Academy …

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School Trips

School Trips

The school had planned a Wild Waters Trip for all the students on 19th November, 2015. Let us see how much the children enjoyed

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