Central Division Prize Giving

 Trophy won in Poem Competition

Achieving awards for performance in best subjects

 Kiwi Competition


Mater Heart Run - Our children take part in the Mater Heart Run every year and they did so this year as well. We usually encourage our kids to take part in such causes in order for them to be grateful to God for their good health when there are kids out there suffering from heart problems. Some of our kids even went ahead for the charity walk held and completed it too. Whoever contributed an amount was awarded with a small gift by the Mater Heart organisers. 


Oshwal Academy Inter-School Poetry Competition - Our KG, Transit and Std. 1 kids took part in an InterSchool Poetry Competition that was hosted by Oshwal Academy. They were required to master poems and present them in creative ways. All the participants were awarded certificates and one of our KG pupils, Ahmed Abdillahi, scooped 1st Position in his category. He was awarded a Certificate and 2 vouchers. 

Ahmed Abdillahi being presented with his token in the school assembly by Madam Maimoona,plus a gift from our school.

All participants of the Poetry Competition holding up their Certificates of Participation.

Staff Members


Staff Members of Fort Jesus Academy …

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School Trips

School Trips

The school had planned a Wild Waters Trip for all the students on 19th November, 2015. Let us see how much the children enjoyed

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