Prize Giving Day 2015



This was held on 14th March 2015 at the Aga Khan High School Hall. All classes from Nursery through to Std. 8 presented items for their parents. It was a well-organised show and everyone who attended had all but praises for the young kids who put up this show.

Fort Jesus Academy - Prize Giving Day 2015 Theme

Our Headmaster, Mr. Alal, meeting and welcoming the Guest of Honor

The Guest of Honor walking into the Hall accompanied by the School Administrator, Mrs. Aisha Admani

One of our 2015 Candidates, Master AbdiKarim Shariff, pinning the GOH badge on the Guest of Honor

The Std. 8 students leading the younger students in the National Anthem at the beginning of the show

Our Std. 8 students presenting a welcome song

The Administrator giving a speech

The Nursery Totos presenting their items on stage

A Taekwondo presentation by one of our students

One of our esteemed parents presenting a medal and certificate to a student who had performed well in his previous end year exams

Our KG and Transit totos presenting a Qasida on stage

Some of our girls presenting a poem on Girl Power

Our Std.1 girls performing on an English song

Two of our Std. 3 students presenting an Arabic dialogue that they learnt in the Madressa Session that we provide at school

Our Science Club presenting an item on First Aid

GOH giving a speech

Some of our students presenting a poem on Our Teacher

One of our Std. 8 candidates, Miss Balqees Ramadhan, presenting the Vote of Thanks.

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