School Committees


School Committees

Guidance and Counselling committee

The committee is handled by Mrs. Miriam Mbitsi, Mrs. Safiya Kasmani, Mrs. Florence Mwandoe and Mr. Suleiman Salim.

They all give advice to the pupils on how to deal with emotional conflicts and personal problems both in school and in their day to day life.

They shape up students’ behaviour and instill discipline in students

Disciplinary committee

Teachers make sure that pupils and teachers are keen on their code of behaviour.

For one to succeed, discipline is needed and that is why pupils need to be guided from time to time. Any time a child misbehaves, they are summoned by the disciplinary committee and counseled.

Teachers involved are Mr.  Alal, Mrs. Florence Mwandoe, Mr. Johnstone Malingi and Mrs. Khadija Shariff.

Academic Committee

This committee deals with the performance of the pupils. They discuss on the new teaching techniques that teachers can use in order to improve the pupils’ academic performance.

This committee is controlled by Mr. Bernard, Mr. Alal, Mrs. Phamelar and Mrs. Carolyne.

Competition committee

It organizes inter-class competitions in different areas. Competitions done include:

-          Colouring competition – Held in 2014  - 2015

-          Quiz Competition – Held in 2015 – Won by Std. 4

-          Handwriting Competition – Held in 2014 – 2015

-          Debate Competition – Held in 2014

All the above competitions were well done and children were awarded.

Teachers involved are Mr. Malingi, Mrs. Linet, Miss Valentine.

Prize Giving Committee

Mr. Malingi, Mrs. Shamalla, Mrs, Catherine, Miss Amina, Miss Valentine and Mrs Safiya are the teachers involved in planning for the Annual Prize Giving Day ceremony. They plan on what entertainment should be presented to the guests, what presents to be awarded to the children and allocate duties to all other teachers.

Trips Committee

Teachers involved are Mr. Bernard, Miss Valentine, Mrs. Shamalla and Miss Felistus. They are involved in organizing trips for all the classes. They schedule the dates and timings for the trips.

Trips organized include: Ngomongo Villages (Stds. 1,2,3 – 2013), Haller Park (Stds. 1,2,3 and Nursery Section – 2014), Malindi Trip (Stds. 4,5,6 – 2013) and Wild Waters (whole school – 2015).

Games Committee

Teachers in this committee are Miss Mwijaa, Mr. Bernard, Mr. Suleiman and Mrs. Florence.

They plan on different games to be played during the games sessions and are concerned with ensuring the children are dressed in proper games attire as per the school’s requirements.


School Trips

School Trips

The school had planned a Wild Waters Trip for all the students on 19th November, 2015. Let us see how much the children enjoyed

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Prize Giving Day 2015


This was held on 14th March 2015 at the Aga Khan High School Hall. All classes from Nursery through to Std. 8 presented items …

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