School Clubs and Patrons



Club patrons are Mrs. Shamalla and Mr. Bernard. They teach children how to become journalists by giving them short scripts to master and thereafter speak out what they have mastered. Children in this club are so passionate about the journalism that they usually end up reading the scripts like real journalists. This club usually presents news segments during the Prize Giving Day.


The patrons of this club try to nurture different talents that children have by teaching them how to act in plays and how to recite poems and shairis. The children who are in this club mostly take part in the Music Festival that is held annually and usually present plays during the Prize Giving Day. The patrons involved are Mr. Malingi and Mrs. Carolyne.


Patrons of the club are Mrs. Phamelar and Mrs.Linet. They train the children on how to argue on different motions and this club consists of children from Class 1 to 7.



Patrons involved are Miss Mwijaa and Mrs Florence. They nurture the artistic talents of the children in the club through colouring and drawing. The children of this club usually win the Art Competitions held within the school as well as the Inter-School Competitions like the Kiwi Competitions.


Patrons of the club are Miss Felistus and Mr. Suleiman. They teach children on how to come up with different experiments. It accommodates children from Lower Classes and Upper Classes. This club always presents new experiments during the Prize Giving Day that is held annually. 

Staff Members


Staff Members of Fort Jesus Academy …

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Prize Giving Day 2015


This was held on 14th March 2015 at the Aga Khan High School Hall. All classes from Nursery through to Std. 8 presented items …

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